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The Transport Accident Commission's goal is to make speeding socially and morally unacceptable to the Victorian Community.

Pictures of You is an important next step.

Over the last seven years, the focus of the TAC's anti-speed campaign has been to explain the difference even 5km/h makes in the relationship between speed and the impact of a crash.

Wipe Off 5 campaign history

Pictures of You carries on the strong anti-speed message, but instead of concentrating on the physics and showing the horrific physical injuries, it highlights the deep emotional scars that speeding leaves on our community and the important role enforcement plays in getting drivers to slow down.

The ten families who volunteered to be part of the campaign come from every walk of life and many parts of Victoria. Ordinary people who could easily be your brother, your mother, your sister or you.

Capturing their stories was an emotional undertaking and it could not have been done without the Road Trauma Support Team of Victoria, Victoria Police's Major Collision Investigation Unit and public calls on radio stations 3AW and Gold FM.

Despite the pain, each family shared their homes, their hearts and their stories with you for one reason; they didn't want you or your family to experience firsthand the suffering they have endured.

If this campaign can make just one person alter their behaviour and slow down, then it's all been worth it.