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Alisha's Story

This is why you're photographed when you speed.

Video Transcript

Close up of Anne Longmore.

I'm Anne Longmore and I've been touched by the road toll.

(Music begins) Close up of a photo of Alisha blowing out candles on birthday cake.

I wrote this to the driver of the um car that Alisha was killed in.

Anne sitting on the end of Alisha's bed looking at a picture of her.

We didn't know him, so I didn't get to speak to him or anything

Camera shows shelving displaying family pictures, most of which are of Alisha when she was a child.

so then I just had to write this, put this down in, on paper

to get it out of my head I guess I'm not sure.

But this is what I wrote to him.

Focuses on photo of Alisha having a piggy back. Anne starts to read the letter.

You didn't have to answer the knock on the door.

Close up of a photo of Alisha as a child.

You didn't have to hear the police say Alisha is dead.

Close up of the head shot used in the funeral eulogy, surrounded by farewell words.

You didn't have to go to the morgue and identify her body under the sheet.

Close up of the photos on the shelving, focusing on a photo of Alisha in adolescence.

You didn't have to see Alisha in the coffin.

You didn't have to get through the anniversary of her death.

Close up of the cover photo of Alisha on a photo album.

You didn't have to celebrate Christmas without her.

Close up of a photo of Alisha.

You didn't know her to miss her.

Close up of a folded up note wedged between two teddy bears. On the front it says "Alisha Only".

You didn't have to drive so fast.

All you had to do was drive safely, but you didn't.

Scene zooms out to show the teddy bears with the note between them sitting on a bed. In the background on the bedside table, there is a framed picture of Alisha.

Close up of Anne.

I wish he had driven safely and brought her home.

That was all he had to do.